Episode 03: Objective Zebra (Fiasco)

Spooky goings-on aboard a submarine many leagues below the sea! Could the cause be… Supernatural? Who cares! We’ve got to flood the ship and make endless Solid Snake impersonations! Your only chance for survival is to take a listen AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (NOW). This one’s a real beauty of an episode as we branch out and play the Objective Zebra scenario for the Fiasco RPG, available here.

Here, have the scenario art!

Melt down your metal Pope, it’s time for Episode 03: Objective Zebra!


Will B as Richard Striker, veteran of the Great War.
Sam as Stone, psychically gifted veteran of the Great War.
Will M as Finn Constantine, psychically gifted Navy handler and special agent.
Adam as Doctor Jake, demonically possessed mad doctor.

Theme music is Backed Vibes by Kevin Macleod (Available Here)

(Audio Length: 1hr 58 mins | Direct Download)


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