Episode 17: Mansion of Madness 1

House Call

In this episode, trouble comes to town… In the form of our plucky investigators! Driven by a sense of true honour and duty, the team widens their search to Boston in pursuit of the mysterious stone and the missing Andrew Keetling, who may have information on its whereabouts. Meanwhile, the eternal vigour of an old warhorse strikes its rusted heart upon the group in the form of yet another blast from the past! But will their combined efforts be enough to make any real sense of what’s going on, or really do much of anything beyond just ambling around a lot bumping into clues?

Recurring special guest constant low-level beeping joins us this episode (this issue gets fixed real soon, honest) and slightly less recurring but perhaps EVEN MORE special guest Jon Kelly (Twitter: @zer0jon) returns from the pits of the abyss to make things entertaining with his presence! The scenario begun in this episode is Mansion of Madness, from the scenario book “Mansions of Madness“, published by Chaosium. The WADS Detective Agency Shall Return!

Also, stay tuned after the session finishes for some bonus goofs.


Will B as Keeper of Arcane Lore.
Adam as A(a)ron Abra(ha)ms, old-fashioned detective with a nose for clues.
Jon as Solomon Hargrave, a man of iron will with a dark grudge.
Stephen as Noah Worth, reformed(?) small-time crook and general miscreant.
Will M as Martin D’agnieu, paranormal specialist and wounded war-veteran.

Theme Music is Awkward Meeting by Kevin Macleod (Available Here)

(Audio Length: 2hr 07mins | Direct Download)


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