Episode 18: Mansion of Madness 2


When young Andrew Keetling disappears into the Boston landscape, who will step up to the plate and stick out their neck for the little man? Or just kinda go after him in the hopes that he’ll be able to point them in the direction of a rock so they can get a wizard off their back? Well, the WADS Detective Agency are such a group!

Witness their daring and decisive actions as they traipse across a world gone mad, finding friend and foe in their further investigations. When danger calls, they answer! Also I left a lot of stuff in this episode so hopefully it’s not too distracting.


Will B as Keeper of Arcane Lore.
Adam as A(a)ron Abra(ha)ms, old-fashioned detective with a nose for clues.
Stephen as Noah Worth, reformed small-time crook and general miscreant.
Will M as Martin D’agnieu, paranormal specialist and wounded war-veteran.

Theme Music is Awkward Meeting by Kevin Macleod (Available Here)

(Audio Length: 2hr 25mins | Direct Download)


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