Episode 19: Mansion of Madness 3


In this episode of Cthulhu on Parade, our desperate trio forges boldly onwards towards an encounter with the mythical ganglord, Zeke Crater! Will he be willing to divulge his terrible secrets? Or… Not?

Time will tell! Your humble host apologizes for the delay in this episode’s release. So let’s roll onwards and make this thing happen. Also, after the game, a little discussion on some other stuff we’ve done in other episodes.


Will B as Keeper of Arcane Lore.
Adam as A(a)ron Abra(ha)ms, old-fashioned detective with a nose for clues.
Stephen as Noah Worth, reformed small-time crook and general miscreant.
Will M as Martin D’agnieu, paranormal specialist and wounded war-veteran.

Theme Music is Awkward Meeting by Kevin Macleod (Available Here)


(Audio Length: 2hr 53mins | Direct Download)


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