Episode 35: Flight 1180


Welcome, dear listeners, oh gentle listeners, to this new and exciting episode of your (presumably) favourite podcast, Cthulhu on Parade. Yes, we have returned from the darkness once more to bring you the gift of audio entertainment, this time in the form of a Fiasco session we ran. We played Flight 1180. It went kinda insane? There’s a lot of stuff that happens in it. This episode was guest-edited by Stephen, except the music which was added by me, because I still run this joint.

When you’ve been in “the business” as long as I have, you learn a few things about how to keep up-starts from – oh, yeah, the episode summary. Alright, well basically there’s a plane and it’s flying sort of and there are people on it and flashbacks and a lot of terrible accents.


Stephen, Will B & Will M as various characters I guess, you’ll figure it out. Enjoy!

Theme music is Organic Grunge by Kevin MacLeod (Available Here)

(Audio Length: 3hr 05mins | Direct Download)


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