BONUS: The Final Front-uh, Episode


Hello again, and for the last time, listeners! Yep, as promised we finally settled down and really dug into the very last game we will ever record, Touring Rock Band for Fiasco. And we definitely did that and nothing but that for the whole show. And we didn’t just mess around and step on the toes of a podcast we like that does improvised episodes of a certain tv show. Nope. We didn’t do that and you can see the results for yourself right here.


All of us doing that thing I said. The fiasco thing. Stephen, Will B, Will M. We did it. And that’s it. The last episode.

Theme music is Fanfare for Space by Kevin Macleod (Available Here)

(Audio Length: 42mins | Direct Download)


4 thoughts on “BONUS: The Final Front-uh, Episode

  1. Noooooooooooooooooooooo the last episode ever, just like to say thanks for all the entertainment and madness you guys have provided.
    All the best for the future and fingers crossed that one day the Band might get back together.

  2. The whole “final episode” bit is the punch line to a joke in a different episode that is edited but not posted yet. I think Binns laid the sarcasm on a bit thick; we have many more recorded games to edit, and I don’t think any of us actually want to stop playing and recording together. Thanks for listening, and caring, though!

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