Episode 25: The Writhing Hill


Join us this evening on a four-and-a-quarter hour journey into the soul of man. When colluding forces bring together a band of misfits (eventually, because for the first while it’s kinda hard to get them into a room together due to poor planning on my part) – what fine discoveries shall they make in a bold new archaeological dig, which is definitely very interesting?

Everyone’s talking about this hill. This hill with weird earthworks? You – you gotta listen, man. This hill. You’ve never heard anything like it. There’s all kinds of historical artefacts getting uncovered. And our bold adventurers are gonna uncover them, and – and take a look at them, and like, take a couple guesses as to what might be going on. Then they’re gonna go get drunk. All for two pounds a day!

This episode is an extra-special GUESTRAVAGANZA, with special guests such as Austin & Al from The Film Room Podcast (@FilmRoomCast on Twitter, and check it out here) to say nothing of returning champion JJ Hawkins (@JJHawkins) of Mars Needs Podcasts fame (and a couple others over at The Website of Doom and beyond) – and last but not least, a very special guest appearance from a loudly whining dog for much of the last hour, for which I can only apologize. Now get on your listening boots and hear the earth shake, for the newest ever episode of Cthulhu on Parade! (We played The Writhing Hill, from Cthulhu Britannica: Folklore)

Oh! I almost forgot to mention, this episode features a staggering lack of knowledge on my part about the geography of basically anything. Uh, sorry?


Will B as Keeper of Arcane Lore.
Al as Garry Trudeau, local law enforcement. No relation. Well, maybe some I guess?
Austin as Andrew Whitchurch, professional labourer, if you can dig that. He can.
JJ as Marcus Cole, archaeologist with a passion for music.
Stephen as Professor James T. Samson, a learned man, well-versed in all manner of Ancient History.
Will M as Aubrey Fortescue, who knows a bunch about folklore.

Theme Music is The Descent by Kevin MacLeod (Available Here)

(Audio Length: 4hr 12mins | Direct Download)


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