Episode 26: Transatlantic


Book your tickets! A brand new episode of Cthulhu on Parade has risen from the depths to challenge your entire philosophy on update schedules, a bold new artform only matched by the sheer talent on display by our glorious heroes. Yes, the rumours are true and this episode features a brand new player never-before-heard on this podcast. Who will it be? Why, the only way to find out is to listen! Or, scroll down and see on the featuring list I guess. But what will they sound like?

So anyway in this episode we played Transatlantic, a Fiasco playset, and referenced Too Many Cooks a lot, to the extent where within a month (this episode was recorded a month ago almost exactly) some things may feel outdated. But also, it’s kinda like Titanic? And that’s a timeless classic/historical event. My point is that there’s layers here. Also it’s pretty funny. So, listen to it maybe? This episode was edited by Stephen.


Sarah as Anastasia Steele, a bold young woman with revenge on her horizon. Shady character.
Stephen as Steven Popkes/Poptarts, steward on the rise, a dangerous man.
Will B as Betty Winchester, heiress to an unbelievable fortune.
Will M as Daniel Day-Lewis (no relation), a steward with a treacherous past.

Theme Music is Row Your Boat by i2b (Available Here)

(Audio Length: 3hr 12mins | Direct Download)


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