Episode 28: The Madman 1


For many years, mankind has believed itself to be the dominant form of life on the planet, but no more! Yes, on this day in the 1920s (sometime) a shocking revelation was made! In the course of a routine investigation regarding a missing person, two cops stumble upon a mysterious happening in a rural locale, but this time, there’s teens! And the police work is stellar. INTERSTELLAR? I’m saying that maybe the things involved could be to do with space. I dunno it’s a real secret unless you read the name of the episode or the Call of Cthulhu rulebook at any point, but we put a few new spins on the old classic, such as incompetence. Also I called out an iTunes review I was annoyed about, because that’s the kind of egomaniac I’ve become.


Will B as Keeper of Arcane Lore.
Stephen as Deputy Robert Mayor, a detective of extreme verisimilitude.
Will M as Officer Opie Plum, who works together with Deputy Mayor, knowing him extremely well, including his name.

Theme Music by, uh, original composition by us. Special thanks to LMFAO.

(Audio Length: 2hr 27mins | Direct Download)


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