Episode 44: Vengeance From Beyond


Today, we meditate on the topic of crime and punishment, as a pair of reluctant new heroes embark on a journey into the seedy underworld of Arkham’s black market literature scene. Will their courage and strength of character be sufficient to hold them afloat in the waves of corruption? Also, a series of calls are made. Calls… to adventure!

This scenario is Vengeance From Beyond, from the scenario book Monophobia, although we cover very little of what’s supposed to happen there, but it’s worth including. I tried not to read from the book for the whole thing! Although I’ve already read the scenarios before, and they’re pretty great. Anyway, Stephen edited this episode, as you may hear. Goodbye!


Will B as Keeper of Arcane Lore.
Stephen as Wilhelm Conrad Raleigh, a simple man with a simple plan (to punch things).
Will M as Alex Ragden, librarian and enthusiastic amateur sleuth.

Theme Music by Will M!

(Audio Length: 2hr 38mins | Direct Download)


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