Episode 33: Wrong Turn 2 ARMAGUESTON


We return to playing “Wrong Turn” from Cthulhu Britannica in this all-new episode! Questions are answered, secrets are revealed! Introductions are made sooner and the game starts practically immediately! By all measures, a true Cthulhu on Parade Classic Episode. Enjoy, and Happy Hallowe’en! Or, other holidays, depending on when you listen to this.

INFO UPDATE: Al (@PrimitiveManPrd) from The Film Room Podcast (@FilmRoomCast on Twitter, and check it out here)
JJ Hawkins (@JJHawkins) of Mars Needs Podcasts fame (and a couple others over at The Website of Doom and beyond)
Oh, and introducing Stephen. Enjoy!


Will B as Keeper of Arcane Lore.
Al as Trevor Green, audiovisual engineer and consummate professional.
JJ as Simon Court, producer with a high self-image and a new lease on life.
Stephen as Michael Vince, new junior technician and amateur scriptwriter.
Will M as Katherine Belmarsh, sent from Head Office to check on the team.

Theme music is Burn by Room For A Ghost (Available Here)

(Audio Length: 3hr 13mins | Direct Download)


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