Episode 34: Fiasco – Gangster London


A scant ten months (or so) since our last adventure, we’re back with an all-new Fiasco episode! It’s trouble by the Thames as we play “Gangster London” (available here). In this episode, we push timeline stability to the limit, and do a bunch of accents of varying quality, including several celebrity voices! Can -you- tell who we’re trying to be, or what we’re trying to say? Good luck, and enjoy!


Will B as Gary Nichols, loving husband and secretive businessman. Also, Ace Wellman – and more!
Stephen as Jonathan Wellman, a sous-chef with a troubled family. Also, Liz “Leslie” Nichols – and more!
Will M as Neville Wilkinson, ambitious restaurant pioneer with a dark secret. Also, Ace Wellman (same one) – and more!

Just how many more? Listen to find out!

Theme music: Coffee Shop (David Szesztay) / CC BY-NC 3.0

(Audio Length: 2hr 40mins | Direct Download)


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