Episode 36: Trail of Cthulhu – Dr Grave Dust 1


Join us in fright this Hallowe’en season as we take our first foray into the terrifying depths of an unfamiliar RPG system – Trail of Cthulhu! Specifically, with the scenario “Dr. Grave Dust” from the book Shadows Over Filmland. I was a little tired when running this one. Are the results too on-rails, or simply off the rails? You decide! Also, Al (@PrimitiveManPrd) from The Film Room Podcast (@FilmRoomCast) was on this episode! We literally immediately spoil last Halloween’s Wrong Turn/Guestpocalypse episodes, so uh, watch out for that. Part two coming soon (I wrote this in October 2016 – Ed.) !


Will B as Game Master
Al as Sebastian Church, debonair gentleman thief with an eye for adventure.
Sam as Sylvia Paris, armed and extremely dangerous private eye.
Stephen as Dr. Alex Laborie, a distinguished man of medicine.
Will M as Daphne “Igor” Valentino, author of a cult hit series of novels.

Theme music: Teenagers Battle The Thing (Various Artists [Chinstrap Music]) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

(Audio Length: 2hr 26mins | Direct Download)


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